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~ Services offered ~

Organic + Ecological Services Offered

 ~ Spring Clean-up ~


*Cutting back herbaceous perennials seedheads left standing over winter

*Early spring pruning 

*Leaf mulch application (with an application of organic corn gluten pre-emergent and chicken manure fertilizer)

Please note: I will not apply dyed mulch. If not leaf mulch, I can do applications of pine bark nuggets or organic undyed triple ground mulch. 

~ Maintenance Visits ~

* Monthly or biweekly maintenance visits

* Weeding + tidying

*Specialty pruning

 - Thinning, Tipping, Shaping, Rejuvenation pruning, Dead-heading, etc.

~ Wildcrafted Containers ~

*Decorative seasonal containers using native or naturalized perennials (spring, summer, fall)

*Herb or vegetable containers

*Holiday wildcrafted containers for autumn or winter 

~ Stonework ~

*Stone edge pathways or garden borders

* Slate inlays and pathways

*Brick borders and patio inlays

*Naturalized stone walls

~ Autumn Clean-up ~


*"Tucking in" herbaceous perennials for winter

*Leaf cleanup/incorporation into mulch

*Autumn fertilization to boost nutrients for winter dormancy

*Cutting back of messy perennials or grasses not intended to be left standing for winter interest


~ Installations ~

*Installations of native plants, self-seeding annuals and non-invasive naturalized perennials

*Various garden design interests: pollinator garden, meadow-lands, rain garden, pond gardens, wild gardens, or formal gardens 

~ Holiday Decorating ~

*Stringing lights

*Handmade wreaths of nature-found foraged goods for autumn or winter

*Autumn arrangements of pumpkins/gourds

*Wildcrafted containers of foraged items (evergreen clippings, seed-heads, pinecones, etc.)

~ Woodland Management ~

* Trail creation

* Trail maintenance 

* Invasive management 

*Replenishing native plants

*Clearing of paths, sticks, and logs 

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