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Please browse below  & enjoy some photos I've taken of these cute critters! 

~ Mission ~

     To fight climate change and protect our wildlife, we must provide a safe haven within our gardens and meadow lands for creatures big and small to take shelter and improve their livelihood. With this area getting more and more developed, these efforts are carved out to be crucial. It is our duty as human beings to reconnect with our roots in nature and take care of our home on Earth so generations may enjoy this land for years to come. We can do so by replacing toxic dyed hardwood chips with nutrient dense leaf mulch and replacing our wasteful lawns and annual plantings with native plants that support our surrounding ecosystem, in turn reducing wasteful water usage. I truly hope you will embark on this journey with me to create a better home for our coexisting creatures, to give safe haven for the chipmunks, the deer, the birds, the pollinators, the amphibians and even the less wanted insects that also serve vital purpose in our circle of life. We must protect, conserve, and restore our planet. Regenerative efforts are imperative and nonnegotiable at this time. The damage has been done and we must pay our respects to our land to repair them and give back our love to the Earth with creative efforts instead of destructive ones. Get rid of all the invasives, replant natives, and do so in a beautiful way that humans and animals alike can enjoy in harmonious union. We need each other, this is our home. Without healthy soil, or insects, we would not have food. Without the trees, we would not have fresh air. To create these spaces in our yards, we are not only contributing to sustainability and creating the environment animals need to thrive, we also are contributing to the health and well-being of our planet and the greater ecosystem. Simultaneously, we are creating a therapeutic space for our own health and well-being that can be used for peace and solitude when we so desperately are in need to disconnect from the constant flow and stimulation of the modern world. We can connect with nature by just sitting in it, listening to the songs of the birds and the hum of the bees. We pay so much money on mental healthcare, when many of our worries and stressors would dissolve just by basking in the sunlight, breathing in the fresh air and being in the present moment. Let's create this space together and take care of our fellow species!

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